About Hardware Tools

About Hardware Tools

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When you have your plans you will be able to easily see and make up a list of what type of wood, hardware and materials you will need and then you can make one trip to the building supply store and get everything you need in just one trip. You will also ensure that you will have the proper tools to complete the job.


In a basic tool kit you will always need a good quality framing hammer, a power or cordless drill, an electric circular saw, and you will also need an assortment of hand-tools like screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers. You will also need a level, a framing square and chalk line for laying out your construction plans. Also, if you are going to construct a permanent foundation you will probably need a shovel, post-hole diggers and a wheel barrow to mix concrete in. You will need a good set of work gloves as well to keep the blisters away.

You will need to use some sort of exterior finish for your shed so you will need to purchase paint brushes or rent or buy a paint sprayer as well. It is always a good idea to have a reciprocating saw for odd cuts on wood that you may come across, but this is usually not necessary with the proper planning. Again, the best tool of all that you can have in your tool kit is your set of construction plans.

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